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Available Services

Early Intervention

Early Start/Infant Development is a home-based program targeted for children under 3 years of age who are at high risk, have developmental delays or disabilities. Early Intervention focuses on improving abilities and learning new skills. There is also parent consultation and training

Speech Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapy is offered as a multidisciplinary service. Speech therapy focuses on challenges with speech and communication problems like apraxia.

ABA Therapy

In-home ABA program with a 1:1 behavior therapist and individualized programming to fit the needs of your child. We conduct initial assessments to determine current skill level and appropriate intervention strategies, ongoing parent/caregiver training, and support in the community.

Occupational Therapy

OT helps children with developmental delays learn to perform fine motor and gross motor activities like writing, eating, cutting, and dressing skills.

ABA Services - Telehealth

As an alternative to in-person therapy, sessions are held via tablet, smartphone, or computer. Parent training can be done virtually with a Program Manager or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

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Autism Speaks                                     Contact: 888-288-4762

B.F. Skinner Foundation                         Contact: 617-661-9209

Department of Developmental Services     Contact: 916-654-1987

National Autism Center                                Contact: 877-313-3833

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