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Autism Spectrum Support Center ("ASSC") was founded by a select group of professionals who have a heart for children with developmental disabilities.  They believe that every one of these children has a right to be protected, served, taught and loved at the highest level to live life to the fullest. 

ASSC strives to provide support to increase the quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Our Methodology

ASSC's treatment approach is based on Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). This method is built on the idea that human behavior is learned over time and that behavior is maintained by certain elements of their environments.

Develop individualized programs to replace bad or problem behaviors with positive behaviors using evidence-based interventions. Furthermore, we teach skills that will increase the quality of life and try to reach one’s life goals.

Apply a team approach that focuses on the families, significant others, and other relevant specialists.

Utilize data analytics to determine our program effectiveness for each individual client and the fidelity of interventions.

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